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Safety class required for lab employees

August 06, 2009

Employees who work in a campus biology or chemical laboratory, and who are affiliated with the Fulton School of Engineering, the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry, the Department of Physics, the School of Life Sciences, the Solid State Science, and the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, must either complete introductory sessions of Environmental Health and Safety (EH&S) Lab-Fire-Bio safety classes and hazardous waste management courses or take yearly refresher courses.

As a regular requirement to the responsibilities of the position, these workers are required to attend training every year. Each year, EH&S offers special training days for these departments before the fall semester.

The fire safety and prevention courses are designed for all employees who work in buildings where portable fire extinguishers are available for use. The laboratory safety training courses are offered each year for those who regularly perform work in a laboratory, or those who are responsible for a laboratory.

The biosafety courses are designed for employees who work with known infectious agents or in research laboratories. This course satisfies the OSHA bloodborne pathogens training requirement as well the biosafety requirement.

The hazardous waste management course offered by EH&S is designed for those laboratory workers who generate any chemical, biological or radiological waste from research or laboratory operations, and place waste into a hazardous waste container. This course also is offered on Blackboard.

EH&S also will offer the “Driving on the Mall” course, a defensive driving course, and a new compressed gas safety course for those who may need these specialized training programs.

The courses are scheduled Aug. 11-14, Aug. 18-19 and Aug. 21. Registration is available online at

For more information, contact John Crozier in the Fulton School at (480) 965-8498, Mike Long in the School of Life Sciences at (480) 965-0339, Robert Scavetta in Chemistry and Biochemistry at (480) 965-5492 or Bruce Layton in EH&S at (480) 965-9440.

For employees in other departments, EH&S offers training courses at all four campuses that are available throughout the year. Those courses can be viewed online at