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Rothenberg reacts to horror of chronicling wartime atrocities

Daniel Rothenberg
June 24, 2011

An article about people around the world who experience trauma while interviewing victims of war, whether for news reports or humanitarian projects, included comments from Daniel Rothenberg, executive director of the Center for Law and Global Affairs at the College of Law.

In “Rape in wartime: Listening to the victims,” reporter Ashley Fantz talked with Rothenberg about his interviews in Latin America, Asia and the Middle East, including his participation in the recently completed Iraq History Project. Run by DePaul University’s International Human Rights Law Institute, the project is an online database of more than 9,000 interviews with mostly Iraqi men, who say they were raped and tortured.

Over the course of two decades of working in the field, Rothenberg developed guidelines on how to conduct interviews. To read more of his interview, click here.

Rothenberg has more than 15 years of experience combining field research, project management and scholarship on international human rights and the rule of law. His research focuses on human rights documentation and analysis and transitional justice, particularly truth commissions, amnesty laws and reparations. Rothenberg has designed and managed rule of law projects in Afghanistan, Iraq and throughout Latin America including programs to train human rights NGOs, aid indigenous peoples in using international legal remedies and collect and analyze thousands of first-person narratives of victims of severe human rights violations.

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