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Rothenberg discusses ASU's efforts to address human trafficking

March 25, 2011

Daniel Rothenberg, executive director of the College of Law’s Center for Law and Global Affairs, was featured in a March 13 KNXV-Channel 15 interview titled, “ASU playing role in battle against human trafficking,” with reporter Christina Boomer.

The article focused on the global issue of human trafficking and the College of Law’s international human trafficking conference, “Combating human trafficking: how coordination international federal and state law can prevent and punish exploitation while protecting victims,” on March 11.

Rothenberg explained that the main goal of the conference was to engage in debate about the need for the coordination between various levels of government. He also explained how events such as the College of Law’s conference are relatively new.

“The exploitative practices that define trafficking are not new, but the recognition of the severity of the problem and creation of mechanisms to address the problem are relatively new,” Rothenberg said.

To read the entire article, click here.

Rothenberg has more than 15 years of experience combining field research, project management and scholarship on international human rights and the rule of law. His research focuses on human rights documentation and analysis and transitional justice, particularly truth commissions, amnesty laws and reparations. Rothenberg has designed and managed rule of law projects in Afghanistan, Iraq and throughout Latin America, including programs to train human rights NGOs, aid indigenous peoples in using international legal remedies and collect and analyze thousands of first-person narratives of victims of severe human rights violations.

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