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Researchers seek women’s help with study

February 11, 2008

ASU’s Department of Exercise and Wellness needs women between the ages of 45-65 for a study looking at six physical activity questionnaires, as well as tests of walking performance that commonly are used in larger studies of women’s health.

This study also will examine whether physical activity is related to health issues that are unique to middle-aged women, such as menopausal symptoms.

The requirement for potential volunteers include:

• Women ages 45-65 who are able to walk at least one block without a cane, walker or wheelchair, and are free of conditions that would affect their ability to be physically active.

• Able to communicate in English.

• Able to participate for six consecutive weeks (a one-hour visit at ASU’s Polytechnic campus in Mesa each week).

• Able to wear two matchbook-sized movement monitors for the entire study, as well as the ability to complete questionnaires and some lab-based fitness tests.

The benefits to participants include:

• Evaluation of exercise capacity by taking a treadmill walking test.

• Physical activity levels from activity monitors.

• Body composition measures (height, weight, waist circumference and body fat percentage).

• Compensation of $75 for the completion of all six weeks.

The study is being funded by a grant from the American Sports Medicine Paffenbarger-Blair Fund for Epidemiological Research on Physical Activity.

For more information, or to volunteer as a participant, contact Kelley Pettee at (480) 727-1568 or, or Melanie Mitros at (480) 727-1967 or by March 3.