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Recycling Program comes to Downtown Phoenix campus

September 26, 2008

ASU’s Downtown Phoenix campus is showing its true colors when it comes to sustainability.

New colored recycling containers for paper, plastic and aluminum were distributed throughout the Downtown Phoenix campus in building corridors, vending and staff areas this past month. That effort, along with a new agreement with a disposal company, will allow for “co-mingling” of recyclable materials and further the sustainability efforts of ASU.

“While less than visible efforts for recycling were already in place, we found that the bulk of what was being disposed of as trash were items that were recyclable,” said Cathie Fox, facilities management director for the Downtown Phoenix campus. “By converting the compactors currently used for trash, to be used for recyclable materials, we are able to implement a co-mingled recycling program in a space-challenged environment. By employing this method we’re helping the environment and using the most cost effective method to dispose of trash.”

Fox said the Downtown Phoenix campus recently purchased approximately 100 sets of bins and an additional 600 desk-side containers, which will be distributed to all offices and work stations across the campus.

Janitorial staff will empty the large yellow, blue and green bins and smaller desk-side containers once a week in addition to regular trash pickup, making it easy for staff, faculty and students to participate. Even though the program is co-mingled, having bins that separate recyclable items helps to minimize the contamination from other waste that typically happens with one universal recycle container. It also helps educate the community at large of what can be recycled and what is trash, Fox said.

“We were very strategic about this recycling investment and continue to work to further the sustainability efforts of ASU,” Fox said. “We’re hoping that the amount of waste disposed of will go down and recycled material will go up.”

The co-mingled recycling program will be fully operational at the Downtown Phoenix campus by Oct. 1. ASU’s Tempe campus implemented a co-mingled recycling program this past summer.


Cathie Fox,