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Recent robberies near Schwada building on Tempe campus

October 07, 2011

ASU Police is responding to a theft near the ASU Bookstore. Police are looking for a black Lexus with black and red rims with the partial Arizona license plate of AG. Call ASU Police with information at (480) 965-3456.

Police also responded to two robbery incidents on Oct. 3 and 5. Both occurred outside of the Schwada Building on the Tempe campus.

During the Oct. 3 incident at about 8:53 p.m., three black males approached three women outside the Schwada building. One of the men grabbed an iPhone out of one of the woman’s hand. He tried to wrest a laptop from her companion. All three suspects fled on foot to a silver, four-door sedan driven by a black female.

There was a second incident outside the Schwada building on the Tempe campus on Oct. 5 at about 10:03 p.m. when two black males stole an iPhone from a student. The suspects fled on foot to Lot 41 west of Armstrong Hall to a silver, four-door, older model sedan.

Call ASU Police at 480-965-3456 if you have any information. For additional information on campus safety and crime alerts, go to

The ASU Police Department is also on Facebook and Twitter.