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Program touts commuter options

March 08, 2007

Congestion on local streets and poor air quality are familiar sights to many who commute to ASU. The Commuter Options Program addresses these issues by educating the ASU community about using alternate modes of transportation whenever possible.

To promote the choices ASU students, faculty and staff have with respect to traveling to campus, the Commuter Options office is launching a campaign that will focus on various commuting options including biking, the ASU U-Pass, on-campus transit, intercampus shuttles and carpooling.

“I think we're particularly excited about introducing our first marketing campaign that is specifically geared toward highlighting all the campus access solutions we offer,” says Theresa Fletcher, associate director of ASU Parking and Transit Services.

The “Options” campaign is intended to spread the word about choices in transportation to a broader audience. Many students and employees already make use of the alternate methods of transportation available to and from ASU's campuses. For example, more than 14,000 ASU U-Passes (a free bus pass that grants unlimited access on all Valley Metro routes) were distributed in the fall semester.

“Parking and Transit Services staff understands and are familiar with the various transit options that we offer,” says Fletcher, who oversees the Commuter Options Program.

The “Options” campaign focuses on the financial and environmental advantages provided by alternate forms of transportation. ASU U-Pass users saved more than $1.1 million in gas during the last fiscal year, while preventing 176 tons of pollution. Carpooling and biking are two additional featured options that assist in improving the Valley's air quality, and help ASU students and employees save money on commuting costs.

The campaign also will encourage students, faculty and staff to make use of the on-campus and intercampus shuttles the Commuter Options Program coordinates.

With ads and posters appearing across ASU, the “Options” campaign will be unveiled in the coming weeks with the motto, “Change your habits … change the planet.”

Shereen Saurey,
(480) 727-7053