Prepare for campus emergencies through online safety trainings

Active shooter exercise

One of the best ways to react to an emergency is to prepare for it.

Although it’s not possible to predict when and how violent acts may occur, the Arizona State University community can learn how to prepare, act and evade volatile situations through online safety trainings available via Blackboard for students, faculty and staff.

“As news of violent incidents in our city and country become almost commonplace, it’s important that the university community learns how to act through critical-response trainings,” says John Pickens, ASU chief of police. “The ASU Police Department continually trains and conducts drills for incidents such as active shooters. However, it’s still important for students, faculty and staff to watch the safety videos and to become familiar with how to react if a dangerous situation occurs on campus. It could save someone’s life.”

Any of the following incidents is potentially catastrophic. The ASU community is encouraged to learn more about avoiding violence by enrolling in these trainings:

"Shots Fired on Campus" – Students, faculty, and staff will learn valuable information on recognizing and surviving an active shooter situation on campus. Self enroll

"Shots Fired, When Lightning Strikes" – This training provides strategies for recognizing, preventing, and surviving an active shooter situation. Self enroll

"Flashpoint, Recognizing and Preventing Violence in the Workplace" – Learn to recognize warning signs of violence and take early action to prevent problems in the workplace. Self enroll

"Flashpoint on Campus" – Campus community members learn to recognize warning signs of violence and understand how to respond. Self enroll

"Silent Storm-Intimate Partner Violence and Stalking, the Impact on the Workplace" – Intimate partner violence and its potential to spill into the workplace is explored in this training. Self enroll

"Safe Passage Travel Companion" – Travelers can reduce exposure to threats by learning critical strategies, techniques and procedures aimed at minimizing travel risks, including how to survive a hostage situation. Self enroll

For additional information about the videos, or to schedule a training session with the ASU Police Department Crime Prevention Unit, call (480) 965-3456, email, or go to: