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Pre-event reception brings out the stars at Origins Stories

man talking to media
April 03, 2013

Moments before the first Origins event this past weekend, the stars and guests of the events met at a pre-event reception at Gammage Auditorum. Among those mingling were actress Cameron Diaz, physicist Brian Greene, evolutionary biologist Richard Dawkins, NPR radio personality Ira Flatow and science fiction writer Neal Stephenson. Not your everyday lineup for a science event.

Among the activities captured during the reception are: Origins Project Director Lawrence Krauss being interviewed by local TV; novelist Ian McEwan and actress Cameron Diaz chat; Krauss signs a book; and science fiction writer Neal Stephenson (right) talks with guests. Immediately following the reception was a test screening of the new movie The Unbelievers, which focuses on the efforts the Krauss and Dawkins as they travel the world over stumping for reason-based, scientifically inclined world.

When asked what he hoped the movie would do, Krauss said: “We hope it raises a lot of issues and causes a lot of discussion.”

Gammage was sold out for both Friday and Saturday night events.

“Where else can you spend two nights in a row, in a full theater and talk about science,” Krauss said.