Popko discusses Prop 115 on KJZZ

Professor Zig Popko was interviewed by KJZZ reporter Steve Goldstein on Aug. 23, about the effect on judicial appointments in Arizona if Proposition 115 is passed in November, changing a process that has been on the books for nearly 40 years.

Currently, state law requires more than one political party to be represented among finalists for an opening on the Arizona Supreme Court. The governor is required to pick from as few as three finalists, which are recommended by screening panels that review would-be judges.

The new measure would require that the governor be given at least eight choices, and it would give the governor greater control of who serves on the panels.

“Our judiciary should reflect the diversity of the state,” Popko said. “If you get into a system where the judiciary is all white male Democrats or all white male Republicans, those people who can't identify with that race and gender and political affiliation, well, the judiciary may lose credibility with them.”

To listen to the interview, click here.