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PolyHarvest Community looks at food-Earth connection

April 26, 2011

President’s Award for Sustainability: PolyHarvest Community Supported Agriculture Program

The production, processing and consumption of food are extremely important aspects of sustainability. Food, itself, is tied intimately not only to the health of individuals, but also to the health of the environment. With growing recognition of the connections among food, health and environment, consumers are looking more to local foods programs for healthy, environmentally friendly, whole foods. 

The PolyHarvest CSA is a community supported agriculture program that delivers fresh, local produce to ASU and non-ASU community members. Operating on the Downtown Phoenix campus, the program supports local, sustainable agriculture, and it provides a source of healthy food to the community. Wharton, his team, and the CSA have connected ASU with the community by opening up the CSA to all community members, by running educational events related to local foods, by supporting other on-campus activities, by donating produce to low-income individuals, and by serving as a model of local and sustainable food programs for students, staff and faculty on campus.

ASU Team members:

• Christopher Wharton, Nutrition Program, College of Nursing and Health Innovation.

• Michael Mader, Student Life.

• Kristen Rasmussen, Nutrition Program.

Community Partners:

• Nathaniel Fish, Director of Operations, Taylor Place.

• Frank Martin, Crooked Sky Farms.

• Jennifer Woods, Crooked Sky Farms.

• Daun York, Aramark Food Service.