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Physical Education moves to Polytechnic campus

March 09, 2005

MESA, Ariz. — The Physical Education program and faculty will be moving from the Department of Kineseology in the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences on the Tempe campus to the School of Applied Arts & Sciences as part of the Education program at the East campus this summer. Graduate courses will be offered at the Polytechnic campus beginning in June 2005 and undergraduate courses starting in fall 2005.

The move will impact about 124 undergraduate and 10 graduate students, four faculty and some staff, according to Physical Education Professor Paul Darst.

Darst believes the move is a good fit for the program because the faculty will be able to collaborate with the Department of Exercise and Wellness faculty on research and will have access to the department's classroom space for their courses and their own research as well.

"We used to be part of Exercise and Wellness in the Department of Kinesiology before Exercise and Wellness moved to the Polytechnic campus in 2001, and we believe it makes sense for us to be here as part of the Education program and closer to our Exercise and Wellness colleagues," says Darst.

The Physical Education program currently offers a major in physical education for undergraduate Education students and a master's of Physical Education. Education students from the East or Tempe campus who choose to major in physical education will be certified to teach physical education in grades K-12 upon graduation. Students who graduate from the programs usually become physical education and/or health teachers, coaches, or work in the sports and recreation fields.

"We started communicating with students, faculty and staff about the move last summer," says Darst. "An open house and orientation for students is planned for April 26 to help students adjust to the campus and the move."

Physical Education faculty will move into offices in Sutton Hall at the East campus during the summer. The phone number will be (480) 727-1766. For more information contact Connie Pangrazi Orlowicz at (480) 727-8126.