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Performance-based salary increases for benefits-eligible faculty and staff

March 13, 2013

Arizona State University is awarding salary increases that are based on performance to benefits-eligible faculty and staff this year.

ASU continues to use a performance-based model as opposed to an across-the-board increase since the university supports fair and equitable salary increases that are based on a faculty or staff member’s overall contribution to the university’s goals in areas such as teaching, research and service to students and the community. Employees whose work isn’t directly tied to teaching or research will be rewarded based on positive outcomes in their areas of responsibility and their focus on service to students and colleagues.

Colleges and operating units will be distributing salary increases from a 3 percent merit pool, and individual awards will vary depending on performance. For example, high performing individuals may receive more than 3 percent while underperforming individuals may not receive an increase.

The increases will be based on performance since 2007 when the last university-wide increase was implemented or since the date the employee began working in his/her current position. More weight will be placed on recent performance and on consistently high performance.  

Salary changes will be communicated to faculty by April 26 and to staff by June 15 with the increase going into effect during the first pay period of the new fiscal or academic year.