Parking citation payment process changes

<p>The payment process for parking citations at ASU is undergoing a change. As of Feb. 27, ASU students and employees no longer will pay for citations and related late fees through the ASU Interactive online service or the university&#39;s Cashiering Services.</p><separator></separator><p>All payments must be made directly to ASU Parking and Transit Services (PTS) using online services at (<a href=""></a&gt;), in person at any campus, or by mail.</p><separator></separator><p>PTS will mail customer statements on a monthly basis reflecting any outstanding balance. A late fee of $10 will be assessed per citation that is unpaid after 30 days. Outstanding citations will accrue late fees every 30, 60 and 90 days, after which any balance may be sent to a collection agency.</p><separator></separator><p>Parking citations can be paid immediately upon receipt of the citation without waiting for a customer statement. Financial aid will not pay citations, since citation fines no longer will be billed on the university student account.</p><separator></separator><p>Only the payment process for citations is changing; all other aspects of citations will stay the same. Outstanding citations or a delinquent account will continue to restrict ASU services such as registration, transcripts and graduation until citations are paid. Vehicles are subject to impoundment if they have three or more unpaid citations or $100 or more in unpaid citations. All appeals of citations must be made within 14 days, exclusive of the date of issuance.</p><separator></separator><p>For more information, visit the Web site (<a href=""></a&gt;).</p>