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Parking and Transit Services puts on the ‘breaks’

September 20, 2007

ASU Parking and Transit Services (PTS) is giving its customers a break.

PTS representatives have begun issuing “Gimme a Break” cards, instead of warnings or citations, to first-time offenders for common mistakes, such as not displaying a valid ASU permit, or parking at an expired or malfunctioning meter.

The “Gimme a Break” card serves as a reminder that a vehicle is in violation of PTS regulations, but it is not a parking citation and does not carry any fines. No action is required on the part of individuals who receive “Gimme a Break” cards, but they are encouraged to visit the PTS Web site or call the PTS customer service number listed on the card to learn more about ASU parking rules and regulations.

“The ‘Gimme a Break’ program is intended to serve as a communication and customer service tool to educate ASU community members about the parking policies so they can avoid the same oversight,” says Theresa Fletcher, director of PTS.

Citations still will be given to vehicles that have prior violations. A citation also will be issued to first-time offenders in such circumstances where a vehicle is posing a safety hazard, such as parking in a fire lane, or has a severe violation, such as displaying a stolen or altered permit.

The program began at all four campuses Sept. 10 and already has generated positive feedback from PTS customers – including “Gimme a Break” card recipients.

Shereen Saurey,
(480) 727-7053
Parking and Transit Services