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Origins Symposium to reach worldwide audience

March 25, 2009

Few tickets remain for the April 6 morning and afternoon sessions of the Origin Symposium at ASU, though several options are in place for students and the public to watch live webcasts and broadcasts, either from their own computers or televisions. Public viewing rooms with large screen webcasts also will be available on ASU’s four campuses.

The April 3-6 event will be accessible to viewers worldwide via a live captioned webcast

The Origins Symposium at ASU will bring together more than 70 of the world's leading scientists, including eight Nobel Laureates, to explore questions about the origin of the universe, consciousness and culture. Individual presentations and panel discussions will culminate in an public symposium on Monday April 6 at ASU Gammage featuring the world's most well-known scientific public intellectuals, including Richard Dawkins, Steven Pinker, Stephen Hawking, Craig Venter, Brian Greene, Don Johanson, and the organizer of the event – Lawrence Krauss, a theoretical physicist and cosmologist in ASU’s College of Liberal Arts and Sciences.

The complete symposium lineup can be found at

The April 3 and April 6 sessions will also be available on ASUtv in the metropolitan Phoenix on Quest Choice TV Channel 138 and Cox Digital Cable on Channel 116; and on ASU’s campuses (Tempe campus, Channel 80; Downtown Phoenix campus, Cox Digital Cable Channel 116; West campus, Channel 79; and Polytechnic campus, Channel 74).

ASU’s four campuses will show live coverage of the April 3 and April 6 sessions on large screens in public viewing rooms, and on televisions in the Memorial Union on the Tempe campus. The times and viewing locations are at

Krauss notes that additional tickets for the April 6 public symposium may become available April 6 at the ASU Gammage box office, which plans to open early that day. Ticket and parking information are at