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Officials schedule information session on new ASU software

September 21, 2006

The OASIS project management team will conduct a general information session on “How will PeopleSoft affect your academic department?” from 3:30 p.m.-5 p.m., Sept. 25, in the Memorial Union's Ventana Room on the Tempe campus.

The information session also will include a question-and-answer with all who wish to attend.

The OASIS project was initiated by ASU to implement the PeopleSoft Campus Solutions and Human Capital Management software from Oracle, which will update and integrate ASU's student and human resources systems.

The OASIS team will be covering the following topics:

• Technology platform: The OASIS system will have 24/7 access, and the transition from legacy systems will empower people to do their jobs easier and quicker. The online environment has a heavy emphasis on easy self-service.

• Querying: The team will discuss how uses of ASU's data warehouse will be changing. Examples include reporting, ad-hoc queries and applications.

• Scheduling: Class schedules will be built in a new way, and there will be new ways for people to communicate class schedule information.

• Registration: Preregistration as ASU knows it is going away. The batch process will become a six-week rolling enrollment. Department chairs will need to be aware of this for planning new classes based upon a rolling enrollment model that, for the 2007 fall season, will not have the same metrics to help guide decision making. The new enrollment model also will present the need to look at schedules for advising students.

• Admissions: Undergraduate and graduate admissions will “go live” in late October, including application processing, transcripts evaluation and correspondence.

• Training: The OASIS team will discuss processes and scheduling.

• Security and access: The OASIS team is not automatically converting security profiles from the current system into the new. OASIS has functional teams to assess the requirements for ASU. New procedures will be used to request access to OASIS.

• Staff recruiting: The new system for recruiting ASU staff is Talent Acquisition (TA), and it will be available in November.

The OASIS system is scheduled to be functioning at the enterprise level of ASU by late August of 2007.

James Palazzolo,