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Nov. 2 ballot propositions explained

October 28, 2010

With the Nov. 2 election looming, voters are looking for easy-to-understand information about this year's ballot propositions that range from medical marijuana to hunting and fishing rights.

Arizona State University is doing its part in informing the public about the ballot initiatives – without all of the confusing verbiage – through the help of Cronkite News and ASU's Morrison Institute for Public Policy.

Morrison Institute

As a public service, and in an effort to raise voter comprehension, Morrison Institute for Public Policy has examined all 10 propositions and explained them in easy-to-understand individual briefings. The nonpartisan assessments explain the origin, history and intention of each proposition on the ballot. The briefings do not endorse any side or position, but do offer both the pros and cons of each proposition.

Confused about propositions? Clarity just a click away

Cronkite News

Deciding whether to allow medical marijuana. Conserving state trust land. Establishing an office of lieutenant governor. Those are just three of the 10 initiatives voters will decide Nov. 2. Cronkite News helps you navigate the propositions.

Cronkite News breaks down Arizona's 10 ballot propositions