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Nominees sought for Arizona Behavioral Health Awards

March 25, 2009

Meeting the behavioral health needs of our fellow citizens can be challenging. Whether it takes the form of counseling a recovering methamphetamine user, providing housing to domestic violence victims, or launching a new outreach program for homeless individuals suffering from serious mental illness, working in the behavioral health field demands passion, compassion, perseverance, and dedication from those who serve.

In recognition of these efforts, Arizona State University's Center for Applied Behavioral Health Policy seeks nominations for the 2009 Arizona Behavioral Health Awards. All award recipients will be recognized at the Fifth Annual Arizona Behavioral Health Awards Gala on July 23, at the Hilton Sedona Resort and Conference Center.

Award categories

Recognizes an individual in the field of behavioral health services with a distinguished career of leadership and contribution to the behavioral health community of Arizona.

Recognizes an individual or agency that has demonstrated a commitment to promoting understanding and celebration of the rich cultural heritage of the State of Arizona and those individuals and families impacted by issues of behavioral health.

In recognition of an individual, advocates, or persons in recovery or their family members, who has demonstrated leadership in the promotion of enhanced behavioral health for the citizens of Arizona.

In recognition of an individual employed within the behavioral health system who has shown leadership in his/her agency's provision of evidence-based services, and who exemplifies the core values of developing community, promoting communication and learning, demonstrating a compassion for individuals who have been disenfranchised or marginalized, and helping people, particularly those with behavioral health disabilities.

In recognition of an elected official, holding office at the local, state, or Federal level who has demonstrated sustained leadership in advocating for behavioral health services.


1. You may submit nominations in more than one category.

2. You may submit more than one nomination in each category.

3. Nominations must be postmarked NO LATER THAN April 30, 2009.

4. Nominations may be e-mailed to: or faxed to: (602) 942-0779.

Return completed form(s) to:
Arizona Behavioral Health Awards
c/o The Center for Applied Behavioral Health Policy
College of Public Programs
Arizona State University
P.O. Box 37100, MC 3252
Phoenix, AZ 85069-7100

To download the registration form, visit