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Nominate a faculty member for the Centennial Professorship Award

January 28, 2015

In 1984, the Associated Students of Arizona State University had a vision. They sought to recognize, encourage and award ASU junior faculty based on their outstanding leadership and instruction both within and beyond the classroom.

This vision was the catalyst that led to the establishment of the Associated Students Centennial Endowment Fund, from which came the Centennial Professorship Award.

The award recognizes outstanding leadership and instruction in and outside of the classroom. Any assistant professor or non-tenure-track faculty member is eligible for the award.

The deadline to nominate a faculty member for the Centennial Professorship Award is Monday, Feb. 9.

Aimed at recognizing engaged scholarship, emerging leadership, dedication to community service and demonstration of student-centered practices, the Centennial Professorship Award is both an honor to the selected faculty as well as a great benefit for their students, as Centennial Professors are given the means to provide further resources and opportunities for their students.

The award consists of two parts: a cash prize of $5,000 to the professor and an additional monetary incentive of $5,000 to be used for the benefit of the students in classroom instruction and teaching innovation.

For example, this could include upgrading the technology in the classroom or hiring a teaching assistant.

These awards not only elevate future faculty leaders but enrich students' academic experience by acknowledging and promoting excellence within the ASU community.
Awards are announced near the end of the spring semester. Three people will receive the award this year.

More information can be found at the nomination website or by contacting Wendy Williams,