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Nine Sun Devils selected over first 30 rounds of 2011 MLB Draft

June 08, 2011

Nine members of the Sun Devil baseball team were selected over the first 30 rounds of the MLB draft, which started June 6 and will continue through June 8. Junior 3B Riccio Torrez was the highest pick, going in the fourth round to the Tampa Bay Rays.

Austin Barnes (9th Round) and Mitchell Lambson (19th Round) were both drafted for the first time in their careers, while Xorge Carrillo (14th Round) and Kyle Ottoson (24th Round) were both drafted for the fourth time in their careers. The draft will continue on Wednesday with the last 20 rounds.

Sun Devil Draft Picks
Riccio Torrez, 4th Round, Tampa Bay Rays
Johnny Ruettiger, 8th Round, Baltimore Orioles
Austin Barnes, 9th Round, Florida Marlins
Zack MacPhee, 13th Round, Cleveland Indians
Xorge Carrillo, 14th Round, New Yok Mets
Mitchell Lambson, 19th Round, Houston Astros
Brandon Magee, 21st Round, Oakland A's
Zach Wilson, 21st Round, New York Yankees
Kyle Ottoson, 24th Round, Washington National