New structure helps to strengthen college

<p>The Arizona Board of Regents approved the proposed changes to the core college at the Polytechnic campus in Mesa, Nov. 20. <br /><br />The College of Technology and Innovation will realign six departments into three – the Department of Engineering, the Department of Engineering Technology and the Department of Technology Management.<br /><br />The Department of Engineering, headed by Chell Roberts, includes the Division of Computing Studies and the Department of Engineering. The Department of Engineering Technology, led by Scott Danielson, merges the Electronic Systems Department and the Department of Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering Technology. And finally, the Department of Technology Management, chaired by Thomas Schildgen, brings together the departments of Aeronautical Management Technology and Technology Management. <br /><br />“These mergers will strengthen the college in a number of ways,” said Keith Hjelmstad, university vice president and dean of the college. “I believe this alignment will foster more natural cooperation among faculty members who share interests but who have been divided by departmental lines. It also sets the stage to pursue interesting new directions in our programs.” <br /><br />The existing degree programs under each of the areas will continue. Faculty and course availability was not changed by the reorganization so students should not see any disruption in their progress toward those degrees. However, degree programs continue to be reviewed and adjustments made when necessary in the future, according to Hjelmstad. <br /> <br />With the mergers, students will see an improvement in advising and student support as well. The advising functions will merge into one central function and location. Along with advising, the business functions will follow suit. <br /><br />“The chairs, faculty and I have been working toward creating a seamless transition for students,” said Hjelmstad. “As part of the new academic alignment, the college leadership team will centralize the business and advising functions to help make the college even stronger and more efficient during its transformation. The students and faculty will see the benefits of these changes as more and more problems get solved by the first person that they encounter.”<br /><br />If you have questions, please call the Dean’s Office at (480) 727-5232.</p><separator></separator><p>Chris Lambrakis, <a href=""></a&gt; <br /> (480) 727-1173 <br /> Public Affairs at ASU Polytechnic campus</p>