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New degree at ASU’s Polytechnic campus to focus on literature, writing and film

October 06, 2006

MESA, Ariz. - The Arizona Board of Regents approved a new bachelor’s degree in literature, writing and film for the spring 2007 semester for Arizona State University's School of Applied Arts & Sciences located at the Polytechnic campus.

The new bachelor of arts degree prepares students for careers in education, writing and other related fields, or to pursue graduate or professional study. The program stresses effective writing, critical thinking, and sophisticated reading of literary and non-literary texts. The program will explore the application of technology to the liberal arts.

"Besides encouraging the study of texts in their cultural contexts, the program emphasizes the role of media and technology in the reading process," says Duane Roen, professor and head of the humanities and arts program. Students will learn how to read and write texts in diverse formats, ranging from printed books and articles to hypertext documents and films.

Students will be encouraged to minor in a field that complements work in the major, such as applied psychology, media and communication studies, business, history or graphic information technology.

Focus areas of the program will include English for secondary teachers, imaginative writing, literature and digital publishing, pre-law, writing and recording family history, and writing for special purposes.

Because the program includes several writing options, it will appeal to a wide range of students. The option in writing and recording family history distinguishes the program from most degree programs in the United States, according to Roen.

"Students will learn about areas of writing and literary study traditionally taught in English programs, while integrating elements of film study, media and technology appropriate to the mission and practical focus of ASU's Polytechnic campus," says Roen.

For information about the new degree program, contact Duane Roen at (480) 727-1415 or