National law magazine reports on Sylvester's appointment

The National Jurist reported the appointment of Douglas Sylvester as Dean of the College of Law in its e-newsletter on March 26.

Sylvester joined the law school in 2002 as an associate professor, after working at the law firm of Baker & McKenzie for two years. He received his J.D. from University of Buffalo School of Law in 1994, and an L.LM. from New York University in 1995.

“As both interim dean and associate dean, Doug Sylvester has been responsible for major advances at the College of Law,” said ASU President Michael Crow. “Under his leadership as Dean those upward trend lines will continue into the future.”

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Sylvester is a professor of law and faculty fellow in the Center’ for Law, Science & Innovation, and previously served as associate dean for Faculty Research and Development. He has published, taught and lectured on issues of intellectual property law and commercialization, international law, emerging technologies and privacy. In 2006, he taught Nanotechnology and the Law, the first time such a course was offered in the country by full-time law faculty.