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Music in the stands: ASU's Marching Band

September 20, 2012

Column by Nick Prete, ASU News

Halftime at a football game. It’s time to get up, stretch out, go to the restroom, get some food, sit down for a little bit… wait a second. I’m forgetting something. WATCH THE BAND! Halftime is a big part of what the Sun Devil Marching Band participates in at our football games, and the student section often overlooks them. In a phone interview, I found out from James G. Hudson, director of Athletic Bands, that the band does more than just entertaining the crowd at halftime.

“We try to give our defense an edge. When the opposing team is in our goal, that’s when we try to get loud. If the student’s were down by us we could really do some damage, but I believe we still have a pretty big effect.”

“We also do a lot of post game celebration stuff down on the field. The students need to stay after and help us celebrate the win. Like for the NAU game, less than half the students were there at the end.”

Hudson believes that the student section is an important part of the noise level in the stadium for multiple reasons.

“We’re all in as a band, and we need to feel the students are all in as well. We need to start being a great force as a student section. All the great programs out there have great student sections.”

“If all the students could do what that one little group down in front is doing, the stadium would be roaring. But we need to get more people in there. It’s the first step in building tradition.”

“No matter who we’re playing, or under what circumstances, the student section needs to be there.”

In case his words alone don’t stir you into filling those seats against Utah, maybe the band’s upcoming performance can.

“I guarantee you guys will like our next halftime performance. We’re going to be playing facing the student section and playing music that you guys will know. Some Lady Gaga, Rihanna, Moves Like Jagger. I guarantee you’re going to know these tunes. Our dancers will be put up on the video boards so I want to see you following along.”

Now that sounds like a performance you can’t miss!

Go Devils!