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Murphy to present lectures to Cambridge

May 10, 2010

Regents' Professor Jeffrie G. Murphy will present four invited Stanton Lectures to Cambridge University in May. The first three lectures, on May 11, May 13 and May 18, will be presented via DVD projection, and the final lecture on May 19 will be presented in a teleconference format with discussion between Murphy and the Cambridge audience.

The title for the lecture series, sponsored by the Cambridge Divinity Faculty, is "Remorse, Apology, and Forgiveness." The lectures will be published at a later time by, oddly enough, Oxford University Press. When asked who might find the lectures of particular interest, Murphy suggested that they might be very useful for people suffering from insomnia.

The lectures, all prerecorded, may be viewed by clicking on the following links:

Murphy is an ASU Regents' Professor of Law, Philosophy & Religious Studies. His primary teaching and research areas are philosophy of law and jurisprudence, criminal law, ethics and religion, moral philosophy (including moral psychology), philosophy in literature/law and literature, and Kant’s moral, political and legal philosophy.

Janie Magruder,
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Sandra Day O’Connor College of Law