Murphy article published in Oxford press book

Jeffrie Murphy

An essay by Jeffrie Murphy, ASU Sandra Day O'Connor College of Law Regents’ Professor of Law, Philosophy & Religious Studies, has appeared in the book, Crime, Punishment, and Responsibility: The Jurisprudence of Antony Duff, by Oxford University Press.

Murphy’s essay, “Repentance, Mercy, and Communicative Punishment,” argues against Duff’s claim that mercy based on offender repentance has no place within criminal law itself but represents the intrusion of a value outside the scope of criminal law. The book is a collection of essays by leading criminal law theorists explaining the principal themes of the work of Duff, who has been one of the world’s foremost philosophers of criminal law.

The book was edited by Rowan Cruft, Senior Lecturer in Philosophy at the University of Stirling, Matthew H. Kramer, Professor of Legal and Political Philosophy at the University of Cambridge, and Mark R. Reiff, Senior Lecturer in Legal and Political Philosophy at the University of Manchester School of Law.

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Murphy’s primary teaching and research areas are philosophy of law and jurisprudence, criminal law, ethics and religion, moral philosophy (including moral psychology), philosophy in literature/law and literature, and Kant’s moral, political and legal philosophy. He is the author of numerous books and articles on the theory of punishment, forgiveness and mercy, and the moral emotions.

Janie Magruder,
Office of Communications, College of Law