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Morrison School receives ABOR grant for course redesign

September 13, 2007

MESA, Ariz. — The Morrison School of Management and Agribusiness was one of several Arizona State University academic units that recently received an Arizona Board of Regents grant for Learner-Centered Education, a method of teaching focused around the individual student.

The $50,000 grant helps the school redesign MGT 300 – Organizational Management and Leadership by providing faculty members with the resources they need to expand and improve the course for students.

The proposed redesign, expected to be fully implemented by the 2008-2009 academic year, will use Blackboard technology as an integral learning environment, reducing the frequency of in-class lectures. Students enrolled in MGT 300 will meet once weekly in a customary classroom setting, where professors will lead discussions prompted by coursework submitted through Blackboard. Online activities such as group exercises and cooperative dialogue will replace the conventional second meeting time.

“Redesigning the course in this manner allows the Morrison School to realize cost savings that can be reinvested to create additional course sections to better meet increased enrollment demand,” said Morrison School Dean Paul Patterson. “In addition, the school is able to enhance quality through faculty collaboration and a shared pool of learning materials.”

ASU academic units across campuses received funds for the Learner-Centered Education redesign project for courses including accounting, chemistry and women’s studies. In all, ASU received $441,000 in ABOR grants to battle traditional academic problems with innovative resources like employing Blackboard to create a hybrid learning environment.