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Memoirs, fiction fill Emeritus journal

July 06, 2009

“We chatted and spun yarns while enjoying our lunch and listening to music from a battery-powered radio. Suddenly, a voice broke into the broadcast.

“This is a red flag alert. The Coast Guard has released a gale warning which extends the full length of Long Island Sound. All small craft are advised to seek shelter immediately.”

For W. Walsh Doane, her husband Chuck and her son Tim, this was not good news as they sailed their 21-foot sailboat, the Curlew, from their home port in West Haven, Conn., to Port Jefferson, Long Island, for a Labor Day holiday.

Doane recounts her story of wind, waves, fright and, finally, safety, in her memoir, “Flight of the Curlew,” which is included in Issue No. 4 of Emeritus Voices, the journal of the Emeritus College.

Issue 4, now available from the Emeritus College, includes “Marvin,” a memoir by Elaine Katzman; fiction by JoAnn Yeoman Tongret, Mary Riege Laner, Ernie Stech, Paul Jackson and Stanley E. Smith; poems by Bettie Anne Doebler, Frances New, Lou-ellen Finter and Charles Brownson; articles by Wolfgang Preiser, Len Gordon, Finter and Nelson L. Haggerson Jr.; photography by Jerry Buley and Eric vanSonnenberg; and an editorial by Brownson.

Emeritus Voices is published twice a year by the Emeritus College. Brownson is editor, while von Sonnenberg is associate editor.

The journal may be read electronically on the Emeritus College Web site, Printed copies are available at $20 per issue or $60 for a two-yearsubscription.

For more information, call (480) 965-0002.