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Marchant featured in 'ASU Magazine'

June 03, 2010

Gary Marchant, Executive Director of the College of Law's Center for Law, Science & Innovation, was featured in an article, entitled “Doing the right thing,” in the May edition of ASU Magazine.

The article, by Lee Gimpel, is about Arizona State University’s commitment and unique approach to preparing students to handle ethical dilemmas more effectively, before they face difficult decisions in the world of work. Rather than creating an ethics course that all incoming freshmen must take, ASU embeds ethics throughout the university, through its Lincoln Center for Applied Ethics.

Marchant, the ASU Lincoln Professor of Professor of Emerging Technologies, Law and Ethics, told Gimpel,” That’s the magic and the unique thing about the Lincoln Center. It’s not this one place with a lot of people just talking to each other, that concentrates (on) ethics. It is distributed through each of the academic units, and we’re supposed to be agents for spreading activities and interest and ideas of applied ethics within our academic units.”

To read the full article, click here.

Marchant's research interests include the use of genetic information in environmental regulation, risk and the precautionary principle, legal aspects of personalized medicine, and regulation of emerging technologies such as nanotechnology, neuroscience and biotechnology. He teaches courses in Environmental Law, Law, Science & Technology, Genetics and the Law, Biotechnology: Science, Law and Policy, and Nanotechnology Law & Policy. He also is a professor in ASU's School of Life Sciences.

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