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Marchant featured in ASU’s 'Research Matters'

September 07, 2012

ASU’s Research Matters published an article about Regents’ Professor Gary Marchant’s research on liability cases and genetic testing.

Marchant, the Faculty Director of the Center for Law, Science & Innovation, compiled a list of more than 100 cases against doctors who failed to recommend genetic testing for their patients.

In the article written by Allie Nicodemo, Marchant spoke of the lack of genetic specialists in the medical field, and how this can create problems for patients and doctors alike. With more than 2,500 genetic tests commercially available to the public, and only 20-30 genetic counselors in Arizona, the likelihood of a malpractice lawsuit occurring is high, Marchant said.

The problem, according to Marchant, is the rate at which genetic technology is advancing.

“Doctors are sort of caught unprepared to deal with this, and if they make mistakes, people die and babies get born with bad diseases,” Marchant said.

ASU is working with Mayo Medical School-Arizona Campus to develop genetics training center for up-and-coming doctors, which Marchant said will be “very proactive.”

Read the full article here.