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Looking back at 2007

January 04, 2008

Arizona State University is a vibrant place, constantly on the move. As the new year begins, it is a chance to reflect on where we have been, as we start to move forward.

To help that reflection, here are some noteworthy stories, featured through the year on the ASU Web that deserve a second look. The stories highlight ASU’s outstanding faculty, students, our research and academic accomplishments and a little of everything else. The stories offer a sample of some of the many stories from throughout the year.

For more stories, visit the ASU feature archive or the ASU news site.


ASU named top Fulbrights producer

ASU is one of the top universities for producing 2007-2008 U.S. Fulbright Fellows, according to the Chronicle of Higher Education. ASU has a record 16 students who are studying abroad on Fulbright awards this academic year, ranking the university fourth among public research institutions. Eighteen ASU students were offered the awards this year, and 16 accepted.


ASU researchers give memory a boost

The ASU Center for Applied Nanoionics’ director Michael Kozicki and a team of researchers are improving the performance, battery life and cost of consumer electronics with their new “nanotech” take on conventional computer memory.


World’s weather records find home at ASU

Randy Cerveny has seen a lot of strange weather in his day, but lately the ASU President’s Professor is focusing on recording it in his role as the keeper of the world's weather anomalies. As the world's Rapporteur on Climate Extremes, Cerveny will maintain the world’s extreme weather records, and he will be the person who decides if a new record is set or if it is just a bunch of smoke.


ASU meets global challenges

The world is changing, and ASU is addressing the policy, science and engineering that affect global dynamics in the fields of sustainability, research, education, business and diplomacy. From the grasslands of Mongolia to the Sonoran desert, from high schools in China to business schools in Mexico, ASU is making a difference in the way many people look at themselves and the world in which they live.


Going 'green': ASU gives sustainablity mass roots

One convert at a time is a noble goal for any altruistic endeavor, especially sustainability, which has long laid low in the grass roots of society. Partly because of this, and because of the consumer-driven society in which we live, converting people to sustainability has been slow. ASU’s efforts in sustainability are garnering support on a level of hundreds at a time. Call it a “mass roots” effort that starts at the top with President Michael Crow pushing ASU forward in the field by making sustainability a universitywide priority.


Clinical partnerships transform face of medicine

With the rapid growth of ASU's reserach entrerprise, the university is reaching out to the community to build key clinical partnerships. The effort is designed to support and promote the grassroots efforts of scientists and clinicians who want to work together on use-inspired research.


ASU research grows to more than $218 million

ASU’s research expenditures grew to $218.5 million in the last year, a 7.4 percent or $15 million gain.


The Aye-ayes have it

A quest to gain a more complete picture of color vision evolution has led Biodesign Institute researcher Brian Verrelli to an up-close, genetic encounter with one of the world’s most rare and bizarre-looking primates.


ASU 101 connects students, promotes success

ASU is debuting a five-week introductory course to introduce first-year students to the unique culture, challenges and opportunities at one of the nation’s largest universities.


Apollo archive casts new light

The photographic record from the Apollo moon project has landed in a new online digital archive that gives access to researchers and the general public.


Biodesign aims to prevent cancer

Biodesign Institute researchers have received nearly $9 million in grants to develop a preventive vaccine against cancer.


Glamour magazine picks ASU student for Top 10 College Women list

Megan McGinnity, ASU senior, is featured in the June 2007 issue of Glamour magazine as one of “Glamour’s Top 10 College Women.”


Law grad makes tenacity her trademark

If Victoria Tandy's father could have been at her law school graduation this week, there would have been pride in his eyes – and a bouquet of orchids and daisies (her favorites) in his hands.


SMALLab uses art, technology to reach students

To keep pace with the rapid technological advances of modern society and prepare students, K-12 educators must harness emerging technologies, enable collaborative learning, and bridge the physical and digital realms.