Liberal Arts and Sciences advances in Academic Bowl

<p>In last night’s first opening rounds of the Academic Bowl, it was the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences Gold Team that was victorious, going undefeated in sweeps over the Herberger Institute for Design and the Arts Gold Team, the College of Teacher Education and Leadership Maroon Team and the New College of Interdisciplinary Arts and Sciences Gold Team.</p><separator></separator><p>In an intellectually challenging night of double-elimination action, moderated by Bill Silcock, associate professor of broadcast journalism, the teams answered questions on topics ranging from Greek mythology and space science to poetry and geography. Do you know who was the god of the underworld? Who painted “Christina’s World,” or what the maximum temperature is at which the liquidification of a gas can occur?</p><separator></separator><p>The first match of the night saw the College of Teacher Education and Leadership Maroon Team pitted against The New College. It was neck-and-neck throughout the competition, with CTEL taking an early lead of 50-0, before being tied up at 90-90. As time ran out, CTEL emerged the winner, 110-95.</p><separator></separator><p>The Herberger Institute and CLAS battled it out in the second match, with CLAS taking an early 30-110 and never looking back after winning a series of bonus questions on the industrial revolution. CLAS was victorious, 240-100.</p><separator></separator><p>CTEL then faced CLAS in third match action. The CLAS team, once again, showed their breadth of knowledge, nailing questions on topics ranging from science, to literature, to politics. Winning by the largest margin of the night, they put it away 270-20.</p><separator></separator><p>The fourth match, elimination round, saw Herberger take on New College. It was an extremely close match, tied at one point at 95-95. New College then pulled ahead after answering a series of questions on Christianity and illness, winning the match 145-105 and eliminating Herberger.</p><separator></separator><p>New College stayed on stage to take on CTEL in the fifth round. It was no contest as New College got off to and early 120-20 lead and put the nail in the coffin by winning the toss-ups and a series of bonus questions. Final score, 200-20, and CTEL was eliminated.</p><separator></separator><p>The final match of the night paired undefeated CLAS with New College.&nbsp; Answering correctly a series of questions ranging from Shakespearian plays to 19th Century prime ministers, to 20th Century Latin American leaders, CLAS dominated play. New College was eliminated; CLAS advances with a 280-70 win.</p><separator></separator><p>ASU’s Academic Bowl went on to the second opening rounds of day two with the matches hosted by Dean Mari Koerner, College of Teacher Education and Leadership.</p><separator></separator><p>After winning over the first round-up of the Academic Bowl, the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences (CLAS) Maroon Team went on to face the Ira A. Fulton School of Engineering Maroon Team. At the beginning the engineers gained the advantage through a series of literature questions, including who wrote the Canterbury Tales and Tom Sawyer.</p><separator></separator><p>In the end, CLAS beat Fulton 170 to 135 after a rapid set of answers on Greek mythology, climate change and WWI.</p><separator></separator><p>Match two continued with University College matching wits against the Walter Cronkite School of Journalism.</p><separator></separator><p>After identifying Gabriel Garcia Marquez, University College gained some points, with Cronkite on the lead with 50 points.</p><separator></separator><p>Journalists plowed ahead by nailing a couple of math questions on angular measurements and a free toss-up question.</p><separator></separator><p>A series of questions about American Idol finally gave Cronkite the definitive lead by 120 points.</p><separator></separator><p>Neither University College nor Cronkite could answer a series of questions on music and particularly Sergei Vasilievich Rachmaninoff. The final score: Cronkite 200-University College 25.</p><separator></separator><p>On the third match, CLAS went on to battle Cronkite. In a series of questions dealing with Robert Frost and clinical research terminology, CLAS advanced by 70 points from the start, while Cronkite remained at zero.</p><separator></separator><p>CLAS went onto nail three consecutive questions on Nobel Prize winners and identifying female heads of government, taking a 200 lead over Cronkite.</p><separator></separator><p>From James Bond stories to the geography of Japan and the history of Wounded Knee, CLAS was relentless in its delivery of answers.</p><separator></separator><p>In the end, CLAS swept Cronkite 445-0.</p><separator></separator><p>The fourth match of the evening placed Fulton against University College for a chance to go on to the Academic Bowl finals.</p><separator></separator><p>Both teams had a shaky start, but through a series of questions on literature, Fulton gained a slight advantage early in the match.</p><separator></separator><p>The middle of the match saw a series of surprise turns, as University College gained points after answering questions on anti-gay marriage laws, only to be up-turned by Fulton through a couple of questions on physics, including the release of electrons in particle decay.</p><separator></separator><p>Two minutes to end, Fulton ultimately widened its lead 175-65. By answering trivia and what are the highest properties in Monopoly, Fulton delivered its last blows to University College. The buzzer sounded with Fulton scoring 225, University College 60.</p><separator></separator><p>The fifth match pitted Cronkite against Fulton. At start the schools were tied at 30, but a series of questions on WWII gave Fulton an edge.</p><separator></separator><p>From generals in the War of 1812 to trivia about South Africa, Fulton increased its points and left Cronkite behind as the clock ticked towards the end. Fulton beat Cronkite 165-90.</p><separator></separator><p>The final face-off of the evening placed CLAS against Fulton. From the beginning of play CLAS did not allow Fulton to make a single intervention, producing a lead of 200 points in the first minute of questions.</p><separator></separator><p>After identifying the Book of Ruth, Fulton gets a chance to score. However, CLAS identifies the Transmigration of Souls and Dr. Frankenstein with two minutes left.</p><separator></separator><p>CLAS beat Fulton 295-155.</p><separator></separator><p>Both teams from CLAS will go on to the Academic Bowl final for a chance to claim the cup. The Gold Team includes Theodore Miller, Kenneth Lan, Carolyn Moss and Mathew Smith. The Maroon Team is Christopher Chesny, Hannah Thoreson, Kevin Coltin and Louis Weimer.</p><separator></separator><p>CLAS will enter the final with the Engineering Gold team of Alan Hogan, Cody Anderson, Eric Lehnhardt, Lauren Allee and Shawn Haupt.</p><separator></separator><p>Also in the final mix is the W.P. Carey School of Business team with Benjamin Miller, Dustin Brown, Eerin Dodds, Jason He, Rishi Mohnot and Sumit Adhikari.</p>