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Law professor quoted in 'Dallas Morning News'

June 06, 2011

Professor and dean emeritus Paul Bender of the College of Law was quoted recently in an article titled, “High court sustains Ariz. employer sanctions law,” in the Dallas Morning News.

The May 26 article discussed the ruling by the U.S. Supreme Court upholding Arizona’s employer sanctions law, which punishes employers for hiring undocumented immigrants.

In the article, Bender said Chief Justice John Roberts went out of his way to say the employer sanctions law was being enforced in conjunction with the federal government because its provisions mimic federal law.

That’s not the case with SB1070, Bender said. With that Arizona law, police decide who to detain, and illegal immigrants can be prosecuted in state court.

“If they really mean that this is OK but only because there are safeguards here to make sure the states don’t go crazy and start doing things contrary to federal policy, that would bode ill for 1070,” Bender said in the article. “Because 1070 does not have these safeguards and there’s a real danger.”

Read the article here.

Bender teaches courses on U.S. and Arizona constitutional law. He has written extensively about constitutional law, intellectual property and Indian law, and is coauthor of the two-volume casebook/treatise, Political and Civil Rights in the United States. He has argued more than 20 cases before the U.S. Supreme Court, and actively participates in constitutional litigation in federal and state courts.

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