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Law professor quoted in Cronkite Journal

Marcy Karin
December 14, 2011

Professor Marcy Karin recently was quoted in The Cronkite Journal in an article titled, “Arizona joins nation’s effort to address homelessness among veterans,” discussing issues veterans face upon returning home from battle.

In the Dec. 14 article, Karin said veterans of the current wars are more likely to suffer from a lack of family connections, a major factor in homelessness.

Karin also said that women are becoming more likely to be homeless after seeing battle in Iraq and Afghanistan, and less likely to seek assistance from the U.S. Dept of Veterans Affairs because places such as those are seen as “male institutions.”

“I think the VA is doing a lot to change that perception, but it still exists,” said Karin, Director at the college’s Civil Justice Clinic.

Read the article here.

Karin’s research interests include workplace law, policy and practice, civil justice for military families and survivors of domestic violence and women’s legal history. She is an active member of the national work-life law and policy community, and is regularly invited to speak about the role of thoughtful public policy in this area.