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Law professor publishes article about effectiveness of drug courts

April 06, 2011

Kim Holst, associate clinical professor of law, published an article titled, "A Good Score?: Examining Twenty Years of Drug Courts in the United States and Abroad,” in the Valparaiso University Law Review.

The article examines the functioning of specialized U.S. drug courts, which were introduced 20 years ago to act as an alternative to traditional courts that were overloaded with cases. Holst argues that the drug courts have had significant success. For instance, drug abusers who are tried and punished in drug courts appear to stay in rehabilitation programs for a longer period of time. Holst also highlights successful methods used by drug courts in other countries that could be adopted by the U.S.

To read Holst’s entire article, click here.

Holst teaches legal methods and writing as well upper-level writing and skills courses. Her scholarship focuses on using well-established methods of pedagogy from other disciplines and applying them to the teaching and learning of the law. She has presented on these topics at various conferences around the country. Additionally, Holst has written scholarship in the areas of intellectual property law and criminal procedure.

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