Law professor interviewed about S.B. 1070

Carissa Byrne Hessick

Professor Carissa Byrne Hessick was interviewed recently on the Fox Report about recent developments surrounding S.B. 1070, Arizona's controversial immigration enforcement legislation.

The piece, aired by the national news organization on

Aug. 14, updated viewers on Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer’s efforts to have the U.S. Supreme Court review the federal court decision that overturned several parts of the proposed law, including requiring immigrants carry identification.

“The people who drafted S.B. 1070 were very careful in the way that they drafted it, forcing the courts to address some issues where there isn’t a lot of case law,” Hessick said. “In some ways, the most important aspect of a ruling, if they do hear this case, is that it will tell other states of the boundaries of what they are allowed to do.”

Watch the entire piece here.

Hessick teaches criminal procedure, criminal law, and federal crimes. Her research focuses on aggravation and mitigation in criminal sentencing, the criminalization and punishment associated with child pornography, and other political and doctrinal issues associated with sentencing.

Judy Nichols,
Office of Communications, College of Law