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Law professor addresses AALS conferences

Charles Calleros
June 20, 2011

Professor Charles Calleros of the Sandra Day O'Connor College of Law participated in a plenary session on experiential learning at the 2011 Association of American Law Schools Conference on the Future of the Law School Curriculum and Conference on Clinical Legal Education, June 11-16, in Seattle.

Calleros joined with three other law professors in encouraging the employment of experiential learning techniques, which already permeate legal writing and clinical courses, across the curriculum. He described simulations he uses when teaching Contracts and International Contracts courses, and helped lead 600 conference attendees in their own experiential learning exercise. Meeting in small groups, the clinical and legal writing faculty members helped other professors develop an experiential learning exercise to address a teaching challenge in a non-writing, non-clinical course.

Calleros’ research interests include the intersection of race and gender discrimination and free speech; various issues regarding legal education, and international and comparative contract law. At ASU, he teaches Contracts, International Contracts, and Civil Rights Legislation. At the Universite Paris Descartes, he annually teaches short courses in Common Law Legal Method, Comparative and International Contracts, and International Conflict of Laws.

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