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Law alumna receives top award for clinic involvement

May 23, 2011

College of Law alumna Anne Orcutt (Class of 2011) received the Clinical Legal Education Association (CLEA) Outstanding Student Award.

The award is given to a student who excels in both the fieldwork and seminar components of a clinical course, and also is based upon the student’s overall contributions to the clinic.

Marcy Karin, Director of the Civil Justice Clinic’s Work-Life Policy Unit, who nominated Orcutt for the award, cited Orcutt’s dedication to her clients and academic involvement as key reasons Orcutt was a strong fit for the award.

“She was the student we called upon if we needed a project completed for a client on short notice, particularly if it required complicated legal analysis and drafting,” Karin said in her nomination letter. “Anne was disciplined, focused, and asked sophisticated and appropriate questions as needed.

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