Keep safety in mind while driving, skateboarding on campus

<p>Bicycles, skateboards and electric carts are just a few of the transportation options that students, faculty and staff use to travel around campus.</p><separator></separator><p>The switch to greener modes of mobility also means more congestion on the malls and near misses during busy periods when the Tempe campus is most crowded.</p><separator></separator><p>Members of the ASU community are asked to keep these safety considerations in mind when traveling highly congested areas of campus from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Monday to Friday.</p><separator></separator><p>• Be courteous. Avoid riding any vehicle (including bikes, skateboards and carts) too close to pedestrians.</p><separator></separator><p>• Keep in mind that pedestrians have the right of way. Drivers of motor vehicles or carts must always yield to pedestrians and bicyclists on malls, sidewalks and pedestrian areas.</p><separator></separator><p>• Make sure that your skateboard is under control at all times.</p><separator></separator><p>• Use the safety equipment available to you - seatbelts, bike helmets, bike lights, etc.</p><separator></separator><p>• Be aware of your surroundings. Don’t walk through campus with ear buds in while texting on your mobile device.</p><separator></separator><p>• The speed limit for all vehicles on the malls, sidewalks and pedestrian areas is 5 mph. Drivers who are not equipped with a speedometer are not exempt from this requirement and should gauge their speed by observing pedestrians who normally walk at 3 to 4 mph.&nbsp; During congested periods, speeds may need to be slower.</p><separator></separator><p>• Anyone who drives any motor vehicle or cart on campus is required to take the Driving on the Mall course. To register for training, go the Environmental Health and Safety web site at <a href=""></a&gt; and click on the Register for Training link.</p>