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K-8 Students Get Excited About Science

May 09, 2006

Every December and May Arizona State University students in the Introduction To Science Methods K- 12 education course participate in Family Math and Science night at Power Ranch Elementary School in Gilbert. The purpose is to demonstrate to parents and young students that math and science can be fun.

The event, borne out of a practice that Education Assistant Professor Debi Molina- Walters crafted in her previous career in Antioch, Calif., is run entirely by current ASU education students and alumni from the Polytechnic campus. It's the only type of event that Molina-Walters is aware of in the Phoenix area for students in grades K-8.

Hands on and inquiry based science activities, involving volcanoes, Flubber, magnets, bubbles and bugs, water cycle bracelets, DNA bracelets, butterfly camouflage and caterpillar measurements, to name a few, show parents and students that you can learn about science and math with everyday things, says Molina-Walters.

"It's a great way to get parents to go to the school, and it's a way to show parents, students and teachers that learning about the three strands of science - earth, physical and life - does not have to be intimidating," says Molina-Walters.

This event is part of the final project for ASU students who are enrolled in the science education course. It's so successful that the professor has been approached by other districts expressing interest in the family night activity.

Pictured above, students from Power Ranch Elementary School investigate caterpillars and ladybugs at the May 2 Family Math and Science night, where more than 500 people attended the event.

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