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Intel's Fab 6 Lives on Through Equipment Donation to Arizona State University's Polytechnic campus

August 16, 2000

Almost $1 million worth of semiconductor manufacturing equipment is being donated by Intel Corporation to the Arizona State University's Polytechnic campus College of Technology and Applied Sciences Microelectronics Teaching Factory. This equipment coming from Intel's recently decommissioned Fab 6 in Chandler will provide ASU's Polytechnic campus students with access to modern fabrication equipment.

Lakshmi Munukutla, the associate dean and professor in the College of Technology and Applied Sciences at ASU's Polytechnic campus, said the Teaching Factory is designed to mirror a real microchip production facility, so that students will experience the same protocols and procedures practiced in the industry. The Teaching Factory will be fully capable of making microelectronic devices. The only difference will be its focus on teaching the processes rather than producing the chips."

The type of equipment donated includes metal etchers, metal sputters, a laser scribe, optistations, steppers, furnaces and spin rinse dryers.

According to Munukutla, "The Teaching Factory is one of only a few in the nation where students will be exposed to the total integrated circuit manufacturing process, including a complete six-inch chip production line - from conceptual design of an integrated Fab 6, Intel's first fabrication facility in Arizona, ceased production of microcontrollers in mid-June of 2000 after a long and successful history of manufacturing several generations of semiconductor products. This fabrication facility began producing microcontrollers on 4-inch wafers in 1980 in Chandler and ended its manufacturing career by producing microcontrollers with 1.0micron technology on 6-inch (150mm) wafers."

Microcontrollers are chips that are embedded in other products to operate simple repetitive functions. Some of these products include CD/DVD players, medical devices and anti-lock braking systems in automobiles.

According to Jeanette Harrison, Intel's director of Technology Manufacturing Training, "The equipment donation to ASU's Polytechnic campus will allow the students access to technology that will push the envelope at the university level. Further, it will make their facility competitive with other top universities. This donation will open new avenues of research to ASU faculty and prepare their students for a career on the cutting edge of technology."

Intel came to Arizona in 1979 and to Chandler in 1980. Intel operations in Chandler include the Computing Enhancement Group, Home Products Group, Intel Architecture Products Group, Validation/Compatibility Lab, Arizona Development Center, Corporate Materials and Services, Fab 12 and Fab 22, which is currently under construction. Intel's current Arizona headcount is 9,300.

Intel, the world's largest chip maker, is also a leading manufacturer of computer, networking and communications products. Additional information about Intel is available at

ASU's Polytechnic campus, one of three Arizona State University campuses, is located at the Williams Campus in Mesa and offers various undergraduate, graduate and certificate programs. Additional information about ASU's Polytechnic campus is available at