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Homeowner Advocacy Unit featured on KTVK-TV

December 06, 2011

The College of Law’s Homeowner Advocacy Unit was featured in a report by KTVK-TV (Channel 3) that discussed the work the Unit had done to help homeowner June Geffre, who was in danger of losing her house.

Geffre, whose husband died two years ago, was threatened with foreclosure because Bank of America said her husband failed to sign a permanent loan modification agreement.

Reporter Marie Saavedre interviewed third-year law student Alyson Vivattanapa, who worked on the case.

“We want Mrs. Geffre to stay in her home, and she is willing to continue making payments on her home. That’s not the issue” Vivattanapa said. “The issue is that Bank of America doesn't want to accept her payments and wants to force her out of her home.”

The Homeowner Advocacy Unit filed for and received a Temporary Restraining Order blocking the foreclosure. They will be back in court on Wednesday to try to extend it.

Geffre said she didn’t know what she would do without the ASU students and clinic.

See the report here.