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Homeowner Advocacy Unit in 'East Valley Tribune'

October 10, 2011

The Homeowner Advocacy Unit of the College of Law recently was featured in an article in the East Valley Tribune titled “ASU law students help homeowners facing foreclosure, fraud.”

The Oct. 1 article focused on the impact the program will have on homeowners’ ability to stay in their homes, including receiving trial mortgage modifications and rescinding foreclosures, as well as spotting fraudulent banking and loaning practices.

It also detailed the real-life advocate experience that 11 law students in the Unit are having. The Unit hopes to train about 90 attorneys over the next three years, the article stated.

Such pro bono work is an effective training tool, as students file briefs and directly consult with their clients while the school serves as a small law office, Andrea Esquer, Assistant Director of the Unit, said. Most students are assigned more than one client and there is a waiting list of about a dozen more homeowners needing advice and assistance.