Homecoming sets stage for battle of bands

<p>Bands across campus are gearing up to play in the annual Battle of the Bands competition that is part of Arizona State University’s 2008 Homecoming festivities.</p><separator></separator><p>This year’s competition will take place November 10-14 and will feature around 12 bands playing different genres of music.</p><separator></separator><p>“Three bands per day will be competing, which is making this year a little more competitive than in the past,” says Andrew Nees, director of the Battle of the Bands competition event.</p><separator></separator><p>Students will be judging the competition, but they must bring their ASU identification cards for their vote to count. The votes will be tallied each day, and the winners of each of the four days will compete at the Homecoming Block Party on Nov. 15.</p><separator></separator><p>One of the bands vying for the ultimate prize of landing a slot at this year’s Tempe Music Festival is Ringleader. Drummer Jeph Harris describes the band’s sound as “chill-turnative funk rock.”</p><separator></separator><p>“We blend a lot of different aspects of the bands we love, and through covers we play we have developed our own sound,” says Harris.</p><separator></separator><p>Last year’s performance was their first live performance ever as a band, and they enjoyed being on stage and connecting with the crowd. And the exposure they received didn’t hurt either.</p><separator></separator><p>This time, Ringleader is in it to win the chance to take their music to the next level.</p><separator></separator><p>“The festival would be huge for us,” Harris says. “A lot of people would dig our sound, and it would be a great way to meet people.”<br />Harris says that his band’s motto has been about taking it day by day and having fun. The members are not in it for the money, but just for their love of music and being able to share it with the world.</p><separator></separator><p>“We passionately love playing music and if something does come of it that would be great,” says Harris.</p><separator></separator><p>Due to a change in band members they do not have an official CD, but are working on a demo CD that they could hopefully distribute at the Tempe Music Festival.<br /><br />Natasha Karaczan, <a href="mailto:natasha.karaczan@asu.edu">natasha.karaczan@asu.edu</a><br />Media Relations<br />Tempe campus</p>