Holst presents at conference in South Africa

Kimberly Holst

Kimberly Holst, associate clinical professor, recently gave a presentation at the Academics Promoting the Pedagogy of Effective Advocacy in Law (APPEAL) Conference in Mtunzini, South Africa. Her Dec. 9 presentation which was titled “Using Rubics to Manage Large Classes and Maximize Student Feedback” was part of the concurrent sessions available at the conference which was titled: “Preparing Students for the Practice of Law: Helping Students Develop Their Ability to Read and Write in English."

The conference was sponsored by APPEAL and the University of Zululand.

Holst teaches Legal Methods and Writing as well upper-level writing and skills courses. Holst’s scholarship focuses on using well-established methods of pedagogy from other disciplines and applying them to the teaching and learning of the law. She has presented on these topics at various conferences around the country.  Additionally, Holst has written scholarship in the areas of intellectual property law and criminal procedure.