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Hinshaw interviewed on Fox 10 auto body investigation

January 12, 2009

Professor Art Hinshaw, Sandra Day O'Connor College of Law, was interviewed recently on Fox News 10 as part of their investigation of auto body shops.

The investigation followed the difficulties experienced by one woman having repairs done on her car, and stated that many women feel they are taken advantage of when dealing with automobile repairs.

"The stereotype is still there that women have less information about cars than men do," Hinshaw said.

Jess Alberts, President's Professor of human communication in the Hugh Downs School of Human Communication, who teaches negotiation with Hinshaw, also was interviewed.

"If you go in thinking, 'I don't know very much about it,' you are wary that someone is going to try to take advantage of you, and they often do," Peters said.

The report can be viewed on the Fox 10 Web site.

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