High ranking shows ASU's value

<p>An Arizona Republic editorial lauds ASU for its Wall Street Journal ranking on job placement for graduates and what that means for Arizona's economy.</p><p>"Arizona's investment in universities pays big dividends.</p><p>The latest evidence is Arizona State University's high ranking among corporate recruiters. ASU was No. 5 nationally when the Wall Street Journal asked companies to rank schools with the best-qualified graduates.</p><p>In tough times, ASU excels in matching students with jobs. And not just any jobs. The survey was structured to emphasize satisfying, well-paid positions with growth potential - the Holy Grail of economic development.</p><p>Of course, some employers are from out of state. But a strong pool of qualified university graduates is a long-term asset in attracting companies to locate in Arizona. Recruiters don't keep coming back if their new hires don't work out."</p><p>Read more at the link below:</p>Article source: Arizona Republic

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