Hessick speaks in St. Louis

<p>Associate Professor <a href="http://www.law.asu.edu/Apps/Faculty/Faculty.aspx?individual_id=51228">A… Hessick</a>, of the Sandra Day O'Connor College of Law, participated in a faculty workshop on Wednesday, Jan. 21, at the Saint Louis University School of Law, where he discussed a paper he's writing entitled, &quot;Size and the Supreme Court.&quot;</p><separator></separator><p>The paper identifies considerations that should influence Court size, and discusses what considerations historically have played a role when Congress changed the number of Justices throughout American history.</p><separator></separator><p>Hessick joined the College of Law faculty in 2008, and teaches Civil Procedure, Administrative Law, the Supreme Court in American Politics, and Judicial Remedies.</p><separator></separator><p><span lang="EN">Janie Magruder, <a href="mailto:Jane.Magruder@asu.edu">Jane.Magruder@asu.edu</a><br />(480) 727-9052 <br />Sandra Day O’Connor College of Law</span></p>