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Henry Wynne awarded prestigious multi-year psychology fellowship

April 19, 2012

Henry Wynne is awarded a prestigious multi-year (2012- 2015) American Psychological Association-Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration Fellowship. The pre-doctoral fellowship will support Henry to develop expertise in behavioral health services and prevention science.

During the course of the fellowship Henry will develop expertise in the implementation of culturally robust interventions aimed at targeting behavior problems and building resilience in ethnic minority youth. Within this goal, one of his objectives is to learn skills to help train other clinical professionals (e.g., school psychologists, counselors, social workers) to deliver evidence-based and culturally-robust interventions.

Henry is well situated to achieve his career goals with training from his mentors, Drs. Armando Piña and Nancy Gonzales and in the contexts of Arizona State University’s Prevention Research Center.